Professor Warnick Invited to Speak at Oak Ridge National Labs and the INFORMS Annual Meeting

November 11, 2016

While on a whirlwind visit to Tennessee and Washington DC, Professor Warnick made his first visit to Oak Ridge National Laboratories, where he spoke on the mathematical representations of networks and subtle distinctions in their interpretations. Spending the day in the area, he toured the facilities at ONRL and met with researchers at UT Knoxville.

The trip was nestled between visits to Vanderbilt and Washington DC, and the annual INFORMS meeting in Nashville. At Vanderbuilt and in Washington, Professor Warnick discussed recent results on vulnerability analysis of complex systems with other researchers and industrial partners. At INFORMS Professor Warnick was invited to speak on his work with Professors Barmish (U. Wisconsin), Condie (BYU), and Primbs (Cal State Fullerton) on their work modeling the dynamics of the order book in financial markets.