Charles Johnson

Charles is from Tiburon California and earned an undergraduate degree in Applied Computational Mathematics. In the past, Charles pursued research in hyperbolic knot theory, worked as a math TA, and ran an outdoor cafeteria in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He began studying at BYU in fall of 2010 and took a 2 year break to serve as a missionary in the Brazilian Amazon. Charles then returned to BYU to complete his undergraduate in mathematics. His interests are varied, including mathematics, health, social, and biological sciences, as well as his personal hobbies: reading and cooking.

Charles joined IDeA Labs in the fall of 2015, focusing his efforts in the area of cyber-infrastructure security. During the summer of 2017, Charles visited Oak Ridge National Laboratories to explore applications of control theory to vehicular cyber-security. Later that summer, he interned at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories researching applications of Koopman Operator Theory to the modern power grid. Charles is continued these veins of research, as well as research in mathematical notions of influence in social networks.