Griffin Holt

Griffin Holt is majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Data Science and a minor in Mathematics. His academic and professional interests are in the mathematics and applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Control Theory. He has been connected to IDeA Labs since Dr. Warnick taught him Intro to Computer Programming his freshman year, but he officially joined as a research assistant at the beginning of Fall 2020. Griffin’s research is focused on the design and construction of a machine-translation system for the interpretation of the bee “waggle dance” for a museum audience. (Look up “waggle dance” on Wikipedia or reach out if you are interested!)

In addition to being Vice President of the BYU Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, Griffin loves to bike, ski, play baseball, and spend time with his wife and family. He speaks Bulgarian, Russian, and studied Chinese for five years. His goal after graduating in April 2022 is to attend graduate school where he can gain more expertise in the field of data science.