Nghia Tran

June 19, 2011


Nghia Tran came to BYU in 2002 from a plantation in Vietnam. He joined IDeA Labs in 2004 and was involved in many projects such as market structure analysis and demand forecasting. The intimate professor-student working relationship provided by the research laboratories fostered an ideal setting for mentoring opportunities for Nghia. Utilizing such resources, Nghia was able to receive funding for his research in data mining in analysis of market power. He was awarded an ORCA Mentoring Grant in 2004 for this project.

Nghia graduated with a BS degree in Computer Science April, 2006 and continues his research in optimal path-reparametrization and market structure analysis. Nghia received grants from the BYU Office of Research and Creative Activities and won several other honors including 3rd place in the ACM Rocky Mountain Regional Programming Competition and honorable mention at the BYU Business Plan Competition. He defended his Masters thesis at BYU on August, 2009.