Enoch Yeung

November 10, 2021

Enoch Yeung is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at University of California, Santa Barbara he received a B.S. in Mathematics from Brigham Young University, Magna Cum Laude with University Honors, and a Ph.D in Control and Dynamical Systems from the California Institute of Technology.

His research interests are centered in system identification and machine learning, design and analysis of distributed control systems, and model reduction for stochastic and nonlinear systems, with applications to biological and cyber-physical systems.. His most recent work has focused on reverse-engineering genetic context effects in synthetic biocircuits, developing algorithms for network verification of synthetic biological networks, developing synthetic biosensors in living prokaryotes for performing temporal logic, and paper-based synthetic biosensing solutions for mobile devices. His latest work was showcased at the 2016 DARPA Wait, What? Technology Forum.

He is the recipient of an National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, Kanel Foundation Fellowhsip, an ACC Best Presentation Session Award, and a Charles Lee Powell Foundation Fellowship. His research also has been supported by several research programs such as the DARPA Living Foundries program, the NSF Molecular Programming Project, and a AFOSR Biological Research Initiative.