Bogdan Mukhametkaliev

Bogdan Mukhametkaliev is an undergraduate student at BYU double-majoring in Economics and Mathematics. Throughout his educational career, he has also been heavily involved with the Marriott Business School as Information Systems TA and President of the Mathematical Finance Club. Bogdan joined the IDeA Labs at the beginning of summer 2019 and worked on Network Reconstruction projects involving finance, ecosystems, and cyber-security. His goal after graduation is to pursue a Ph.D. in Finance or Accounting.

Bogdan is the recipient of several academic scholarships such as Carton Infanger Scholarship and Hughes Foundation Scholarship. He was also admitted to the Dean’s list of College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences for academic success during the winter 2019 semester.

Bogdan was born and raised in an industrial city Izhevsk, Russia, after which he moved to Moscow, so big cities is his element. Aside from academic work, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and reading Russian Novels.