Tyler Burrows



Tyler Burrows is a PhD student in Computer Science. He received his BS in Finance from BYU, and MBA from BYU with an emphasis in organizational theory and strategy, and an MRes in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from London Business School. His academic interests are in risk and uncertainty. Interesting applications for him include hospital systems, supply chains, organizational networks, and business “ecosystems.” Tyler’s research currently is looking at the effects that periods of extreme demand (such as in times of pandemics) have on hospital networks. Previous research has ranged from looking at complexity in the HR field (published 2016) to demonstrating why complex business ecosystems are unlikely to be successfully copied by competitors (unpublished masters thesis, 2019). Tyler also has interest in applying machine learning methods to business operations. Onse such project is developing a way using machine learning to establish a ‘success measure’ for business organizations, when it is otherwise assumed to be immeasurable (e.g. the success of a business ecosystem).

Tyler is otherwise interested in history (particularly economic and financial history), family history (especially on his Norwegian line), cycling, and volleyball.



Research Interests

  • Supply Chains
  • System Robustness
  • Bullwhip Effect
  • Economics
  • Graph Theory